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At Blackhouse Photography we are passionate about capturing unique and authentic images that portray the true essence of what lies beyond the lens.

Whether you are a business looking for professional images for online and print content or a publication requiring creative photography to engage your audience, we would be delighted to discuss working with you.

If you are an individual interested in our work, please get in touch and we will be happy to arrange the purchase of any of our prints.

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Scottish Landscape / Wildlife

Capturing Scotland through the eyes of Blackhouse

Pricing and Size Guide

All watermarked prints are available for purchase and can be produced in a premium quality matte or gloss finish. Prints can also be sent digitally for your convenience.

All prints an be ordered in colour or black and white.

We offer the following standard sizes but are happy to accommodate other sizes where possible:

30x40cm   £55.00

40x40cm   £65.00

40x60cm   £80.00

60x80cm   £95.00

60x90cm    £120.00

Commercial / PR

Delivering visual results across sectors

Property / Interiors

Making every photo count

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Claire McIntosh

Blackhouse Photography

Capturing moments designed to make us feel…

In this digital age, images are everywhere and can be available at the touch of a button in almost any location, but the art of photography is not as prolific. The ability to see something unique or special in the most ordinary of places, of valuing a moment enough to capture it so it can never be lost, of seeing something special in a person, object or place that can be creatively linked to a theme, business or brand is an art form.

At Blackhouse photography we are passionate about providing honest photography that captures real moments and adds value to your home, lifestyle or business. We work with clients across all sectors delivering one off projects as well as building photography into marketing strategies on behalf of Blackhouse communications clients. We are happy to supply stock images or sell our prints individually.

I am extremely proud of what we are achieving for our clients and look forward to getting it right for many more!



Claire McIntosh Hunter | Director.

Get in touch!

Please give us a call or drop us an email and we will come straight back to you.