Keeping it black and white, with a splash of red…

At Blackhouse, we know simple isn’t always easy but we do know it’s effective. We work with our clients to ensure their business stays ahead by using clear and targeted communications, effective and consistent language, clever branding and clean design. With so many confused marketing and PR messages, strong brands can often get lost in complicated language, inconsistent messages and clunky websites. Our strategic and consumer led approach has helped a range of clients establish their brand, craft their messages, engage their audiences and in turn, grow their business. Simple but effective.



At Blackhouse, we love writing copy. Clients often know what messages they want to get across, but struggle to articulate it in a way that will capture and engage their audiences. We believe that understanding your business is crucial to establishing the right key messages. We also believe that the best way to create clean and relevant copy is to view your business/product through the eyes of the consumer. The language you use to engage your audience will determine the success of your business.


Hand writing

Valuable addition to our business

“We initially approached Blackhouse communications to redesign and content manage our new website, which successfully launched in November 2015. They exceeded our expectations at every stage of the process and as a result, took on our PR brief. They are professional and adopt a consumer led approach, which is exactly what we needed. What was particularly impressive was how quickly they understood our business and grasped what we were trying to achieve.”

Virginia Murray | Director | Mozolowski & Murray


PR & Marketing

Everyone has a story to tell…

So lets make sure yours stands out!  At Blackhouse, our creative flare will breath new life into your business and our honest design will evoke emotion that will enhance your brand.  Our clever marketing will give you the competitive edge and our wealth of experience will deliver the results you need.



4 inspirational dog walks a day


132 emails sent on average every week


37 phone calls


24 coffees with cold milk a week

6 Client Blogs a week


10 press releases a week


Your greatest tool…

If you get it right, your website will be the best tool you have for promoting your business. With over 70% of the population now connected to the internet, having a professional, well designed and user-friendly website is a must for any business to compete, in what is now, a global online market.




We'd love to chat with you and discuss ideas for your business.

Claire McIntosh

Blackhouse Communications

Built on solid foundations…

The Blackhouse Communications brand was inspired by the work of Ron Lawson. His simplistic approach to capturing traditional scottish crofts, cottages and blackhouses, results in a stunning display of rugged perfection. Built with an honest, simple and timeless approach, the Blackhouse has strength, character and integrity. It is on these foundations that the Blackhouse Communications brand was built.

We are a strong team of experienced professionals, all with a creative flare and a level head.  We work hard to ensure your business stands out for all the right reasons and we remain very client focussed. We value our clients and we care about our work, resulting in many strong and lasting relationships.

I am extremely proud of what we are achieving for our clients and look forward to getting it right for many more!



Claire McIntosh Hunter | Director.




PR / Marketing