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Every business needs to create some form of narrative or written context to capture interest and in turn, convert this into sales. With years of cross sector experience, our copywriters have become highly skilled in making it their business to know your business. They develop an insight into what you do, gain an understanding of your business goals and identify your target audience.  They apply this knowledge along with a fresh perspective to produce words that really work.

Copywriting Services

websites & online content

Your website is everyones first impression of who you are and what you do, so getting it right, is essential. At Blackhouse, we believe web copy should combine creative writing with hard facts. It should be persuasive, memorable, honest and easy to understand. Using clear and straight forward language will establish an immediate connection with your reader in a way that will ensure you are talking directly to them and not at them. Avoiding too much jargon is also an effective way of producing professional and easy to follow messaging that will keep your readers engaged. We have an in-depth insight and understanding of consumer behaviours and social trends, making our messaging razor sharp and directly in tune with your audience.

media & press releases

Want to use the media to announce something important or highlight something new, but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Writing a press release is specialised and requires the right balance between telling a story, producing facts and most importantly, ensuring the message is of public interest. What’s relevant or interesting to you, may not be to the vast majority of people, so it’s imperative that it is structured and written in such a way, that it gives people a reason to care about it. Unless this is achieved, you will vastly limit your chances of getting it printed. Our copywriters are experienced in media relations and are highly skilled at taking your information and turning it into a newsworthy story, while being in full control of the message.

print & content marketing

In this digital age is there still a place for print? In a word, yes!

People love to step out of the virtual world and experience something real and tangible. Reading online lasts as long as your internet connection or battery life, whereas a brochure, leaflet or newsletter, sticks. With copy shaping your brand, it is essential your language is consistent across all platforms. By using creative design, clear language and consumer focused messaging, we can produce hard copy that will enhance your profile, build your brand and grow your business.

From brochures, information packs and flyers, to letters, reports and presentations, we will write words that work.

technical writing & CVs

With so much of our communications being judged on the tone, style and structure of our content, it can become daunting when a big project or presentation comes up and you’re not sure how to approach it. Writing is what we do and while we recognise that we can’t possibly know every subject, our copywriters are professional researchers who know how to source the right information. From complex projects such as presentations, tender documents, briefings and annual reports, to standard letters, adverts, emails and blogs, we can deliver. We also do CVs which can be more often than not be a barrier for most people. Selling yourself is not always easy and with a full interview success rate to date, why not let us help you stand out.

feature writing

A feature story is not hard news and is distinguished by the quality of the writing. When looking to advertise or promote a new product or service, it’s important to match your style of writing with the intended publication and its audience.  An editorial, for example, is controlled by the owner of the publication and is run more as an opinion piece. An advertorial, is a feature piece written for the purposes of advertising a product or service, the content of which is controlled by you. Achieving the right tone, language and messaging is essential as is understanding the relationship between the copy, it’s platform and any associated imagery. Our writing engages your reader and stays on message to ensure that your objectives don’t get lost in words.

copy for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for effective online communications as without it, search engines simply won’t find you. At Blackhouse, we strike the right balance between including search terms and keywords with ensuring your copy is written for your reader and not just the search engine. You will get optimised copy that is engaging, relevant, interesting, valuable and easy to read, with keywords and search terms cleverly woven into the body of the text.

By making sure you have the right words, the right number of times, in the right places, you are giving yourself the best chance of being seen, in what is a busy online marketplace.

Exactly what what I needed

“I had a couple of websites ready to launch but didn’t know where to start with content. I contacted Claire by email and with only a few lines about what my businesses were, within 4 days both sites were live! She worked extremely well with my web designer and I didn’t have to do a thing. Fantastic.”

Bernie | Director | Biotec


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