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Ever visited a website and hit the close button out of sheer frustration because you’re not finding what you want or getting there fast enough?  Ever found yourself saying, why do they make it so difficult?

Well, you’re not alone!  Far too often consumers are faced with poor navigation, cluttered and disorganised pages, broken links and complicated forms.

At Blackhouse, we make it our mission to ensure that your online communication is smooth, relevant and functional, with a clean navigational journey, and intelligent SEO, for optimal results.

Web and Digital Services

digital design

Once we understand your business and its audience, we can create the right visual image across multiple platforms, designed to reflect your brand, project your values, display your products and package your business so you will want to show it off to the world! Our specialised team of designers will produce graphics that will get the message across and effectively communicate the essence of what you are all about. From online advertising and marketing, to signage and packaging, our creative team will apply fresh thinking, strategy and cutting edge designs, guaranteed to make your business stand out.

content marketing

Creating the right online content is key to connecting brands with consumers and ultimately meeting their needs. At Blackhouse, we create content in all shapes and sizes and across a variety of platforms, designed to do one thing, connect with your audience. We specialise in creating a bespoke brand experience that supports clients in achieving specific content marketing objectives, aimed at driving consumer activity, while raising consumer awareness and trust. Whether it’s a small one off project or a long term campaign, our experienced team of writers, designers, developers and digital PR professionals will work closely with you in getting the right results for your business.

social Media

With over 140 million Twitter users and over 1 billion Facebook users, Social Media has become an online global force that must be reckoned with! With an endless list of platforms to consider including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine, knowing which ones to use that will speak directly to your audience and benefit your business, is key to successfully accessing thousands of potential customers. Our social media team is always on hand to ensure that your business is getting the very best from social networking. Whether it’s taking on the day-to-day control of your online social presence, a one-off campaign or simply spicing up your Facebook page, you can benefit from our experience, insight and creative flair so that your business stay’s connected.


Search Engine Optimisation is essential for effective online communications as without it, search engines simply won’t find you.  At Blackhouse, we strike the right balance between including search terms and keywords with ensuring your copy is written for your reader and not just the search engine. You will get optimised copy that is engaging, relevant, interesting, valuable and easy to read, where keywords and search terms are cleverly weaved into the body of the text.  By making sure you have the right words, the right number of times, in the right place on your website, blog or press release, you are giving yourself the best chance of being seen, in what is a busy online marketplace. Remember, being online doesn’t automatically make you visible!

My business went from strength to strength

“My web designer recommended I hook up with Blackhouse comms as I needed a professional insight into how I successfully rebranded my landscaping business. Since Claire and her team have come on board, I have new branding, a new website, SEO, social media management and content that is in line with all my marketing.  As a result, my sales are now through the roof. Claire grasped my business straight away and has transformed our public profile. Having her support has been invaluable. Highly recommend.”

Mark Kibble | Director | Kibble Landscape Design and Construction


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